Hello TAY! I’m Ludolovig. I’m a long time Kotaku reader who also occasionally slips in here. While I’ve really been enjoying the content you guys make, I never dared to try and write anything of my own. Until now, that is!

As you might have guessed reading the title, I am a game developer. I’ve been working on a project with some friends for about a year now, and I’ve been meaning to write something about it. Making a game is a very difficult and very interesting process, but sadly one we don’t hear very much about. We get post-mortems, investigations and dev blogs, but they’re almost always written retroactively or only focus on specific issues. It’s rare that we get complete insight into the smaller, more mundane parts of development. Which is sad, because everyday game making is full of interesting challenges and unexpected twists. It can be frustrating, confusing, and sometimes downright terrifying. And while “Game Developer has nervous breakdown over broken schedules” doesn’t exactly make for a great headline, I feel it’s something we need to talk about more. The industry can seem both intimidating and wonderful from an outside perspective, and that is kind of true. Making games is simultaneously the best job in the world and a never-ending existential crisis. But it’s those things in ways that are much more subtle and confusing than you would expect. So I decided to start writing this series of articles: The Game Dev Feels Blog. Every week I’ll give you a rundown of how our project is progressing, but also talk about the many challenges we face. Team dynamics, economy, technology, infrastructure et cetera. It all goes in the Feels Blog. I’ll try to provide some insight into all the little things that makes our favourite hobby tick, and all the things that can (and definitely will) go horribly wrong. If you yourself are working on something like this, I hope reading about someone else’s struggles gives you some encouragement. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy watching the train wreck~


I’ll try to post a new part every week, starting properly next Monday and continuing until the end of the production. Next time we’ll be looking at the game itself as well as the process of building a new level. I’ll go over production pipelines, collaborating over the internet and managing schedules. It’s gonna be great. See you there!

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